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related to the Scott engine work done by Roger Moss through Moss Engineering.

Scott Iron barrel machining

I already posted a picture of an iron barrel my father, Roger, has been machining up from one of his castings but he’s sent me some more pictures as he’s almost finished.

In his email Roger said:

Pics depict a newly manufactured iron block showing inlet tract arrangement where it must be noted that as the “Spectacles” portion of the crankcase will be removed, then this forms the upper ceiling of an enhanced inlet tract.

Note the two 10mm counter bores which are used to enable accurate poisoning on holding fixtures during the metal cutting processes and by using ring dowels (Sleeves) to accurately position the cylinder head which also has such features.

Ports timings are more advanced than standard DPY blocks, but less than the aluminium competition blocks I make to special order which still give much improved torque at low to medium revs.

Dies and piston blanks to make 500cc pistons are currently in manufacture as are another batch of cranks comprising 15 sets of standard long stroke cranks. 5 sets of standard long stroke cranks to be fitted with Tungsten weighting slugs, and finally 5 sets of a special heavy duty crank variant for use with ball bearing main bearings and incorporating heavy metal weighting slugs. These can be used in standard cases after appropriate modification or in the Moss high duty large inlet competition crankcases.

If you are interested then contact him at Moss Engineering.

Mossengineering work update – Feb 2015

My dad, Roger, has been working to make sure that as many new engine components are available as possible; pistons, heads, crankcases, cranks, transfer port covers are all available as new components. One of the items that he makes for the racing and sports engines that he produces for people is the cylinder block, normally in aluminium with hard chromed bores.
He’s got iron block castings but he’s not machined one up for years, but he was today and sent me a picture.

Iron block being machined by Roger Moss
Iron block being machined by Roger Moss