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Stafford Classic Mechanics show (Oct 2014)

The Stafford classic bike shows are apparently very popular and certainly this one was a good day out. Definitely oriented towards post vintage stuff and mostly 1960’s onwards really. I don’t go to shows that often, in fact the last time i went to Stafford was on my dad’s Ducati 750SS when I was 18 (he must have been mad). That’s 24 years ago. The best bit really was the opportunity to chat to the guys on the BHR (British Historic Racing) stand where Roger’s Scott was being displayed along with a number of other really interesting machines.
The Mogvin, a mightily impressive Vincent twin powered three wheeler with two wheels at the front and one at the rear drew a lot of interest and Robbie Browns highly developed 175cc championship winning BSA Bantam sounded fantastic when he started it up for a crowd.

The Mogvin
The Mogvin

Robbie Browns BSA Bantam in 175cc guise.
Robbie Browns BSA Bantam in 175cc guise.
Mark and Sue Whittaker, hugely enthusiastic supporters of the club and campaigners of a BSA outfit were displaying their temporarily worse for wear Enfield Bullet, which they lend out to people who want to try their hand at racing with the club.
Roger's Scott Flying Squirrel racer with Mark and Sue Whittaker's 'Bullet for borrowing'
Roger’s Scott Flying Squirrel racer with Mark and Sue Whittaker’s ‘Bullet for borrowing’

Tony Wooley’s purposeful Rocket 3, and a number of other club machines completed a very impressive display with Gerry Daine, John Lorriman, the Whittakers, my dad, Robbie Brown and others manning the stand for the weekend.
I started racing with the club back in 1988, but it’s neither been continuous through the intervening years nor am I as regular a competitor as I’d like. The best bit of the show for me was really the opportunity to talk with the guys on the stand. So much racing experience, so much tuning knowledge and such decent people. The BHR has still much of the family feeling to it that it always had. Sure, things change and the early classes aren’t as well supported anymore but I guess that’s what is bound to happen. Things change. Paddocks are still open and friendly to all who come to a meeting and anyone who fancies a go will find a welcoming reception.
There was one other notable thing which made my day.
They have a little ‘GP area’ which they bring notable bikes into so that the owner can talk about his machine and then they can start it up for all to listen to. Roger had been asked to show his Scott on the Saturday and the guy doing the interviewing, Steve Plater ( ex TT and NW200 winner) had given him the microphone. My dad occasionally likes playing to the crowd and put on a great show. I saw him present his bike on Sunday and I was very pleased to find that someone had videoed the occasion.

See the interview here.