Test run observations

I took the Super Squirrel to my friends farm today to run it down the track, as I didn’t really want to take it to the dyno without knowing it even works. I fitted the pair of gauze covered bellmouths as the road is quite stoney and I really didn’t want any unwanted inhalations. Radiator filled, fuel filled and away it went immediately.
It sounded clean but the first thing I noticed was that it was settling to a high tickover, rather than the stop that we need it to have. I need to check the slides and pilot settings.
It measured between 270°C and 300°C on the exhaust temperature sensors, which doesn’t mean anything much at this point, but might mean more as we move toward a better set up tomorrow.
Pulling away up the hill it was getting bogged down, so I imagine that it’s rich on the needles, which are standard 276 needles raised to the top as a starting point. I don’t think I got to the mains, but we’ll check tomorrow.
So tonight I’ll tweak the bits I can and the rest will have to be done tomorrow.
It’s really a tall order to try and get the whole set-up done in a few hours but we’ll see how far we get.

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